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The First Validator from Korea

Lunamint and Cosmos has a long history. We began preparation for our validators since early 2018. We've participated in 10+ Gaia testnets and have consistently shown quality performance throughout the testnets.

The valuable knowledge and experience of Gaia continues through our high-quality operation today.

Award Winning Game of Stakes Performance

Along with participating with early testnets, we participated in Game of Stakes. In terms of average missed blocks, Lunamint was one of the top 10 validators with the highest uptime. We were awarded in the 'Never Jailed' category along with many top-notch validators.

Our dedication to smooth operation and high performance carries on to the Cosmos mainnet.

Creating Value Through Community

The members of Lunamint were some of the earliest community members of Cosmos Korea. We have hosted over ten meetups, a Cosmos Academy, and continue to spread our passion for Cosmos to this day.

We believe in the value created by a positive and welcoming community. We continue to host community events following that philosophy.

Breaking Down the Language Barrier

Blockchain is a fundamentally borderless technology, yet most of the information available is recorded only in English. Decentralization in geography and culture is just as important as other factors.

We have translated and written over 100+ Cosmos related content such as the Cosmos-SDK documentation, announcement blogposts, educational resources and more.

Expanding the Cosmos Network

The Cosmos ecosystem is meant for hundreds of high-value blockchains. Therefore, having many more quality applications building on Cosmos is of utmost importance for all Atom holders. Through partnerships and collaborations, we work to onboard many more applications to the ecosystem.

We believe that as a validator, it is our duty to work towards expanding the Cosmos ecosystem.


Introducing Lunagram

Lunagram is the world's first Telegram integrated wallet. It is extremely simple to use, yet packed with all the features of any other wallet. By integrating payments into the Telegram bot platform, it brings cryptofinance adoption to a whole new level.

Safe & Secure
Stake & Claim Reward
Send with Telegram
Supercharged Bots

About Lunamint

Lunamint has been a leader and a member of the Korean Cosmos community since 2017. What began as a fascination to the vision Cosmos proposed for the blockchain space became a mission our team strives for everyday.

We are committed to keeping the Cosmos Hub secure and building the foundation for the vast interchain network.

Provide secure infrastructure for Cosmos Hub staking

Bridge the language barrier for a truly borderless system

Work to expand the network through meaningful partnerships

Prioritize product over concepts



Validation is the foundation of building an interoperable blockchain. We provide a highly-secure operation with a proven track record.


We developed the Lunagram wallet as a bridge between Telegram and Cosmos Zones, bringing meaningful adoption for the ecosystem.


Want to build your next big application on Cosmos? We guide you through the step-by-step process of creating a zone.

We build

services with emphasis on adoption and usability

We believe that the best way to show the potential of blockchain technology
is by letting the users experience it first hand.

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