Hello, Project Telemint

Project Telemint is a mobile app that packs a full-featured wallet with Telegram messaging ability


Best of Both Worlds

Combining the security and modularity of the Telegram platform with a blockchain as powerful as Cosmos,
‘Project Telemint’ provides a powerful and easy to use blockchain messenger for everybody.


Cosmos Validation

Lunamint provides high-quality validation to all Atom delegators.
We are commited to expanding the Cosmos ecosystem through community building, dApp development, education, and more.

Staking Reward Simulation

This is a simulation to find an approximated daily staking reward if the inflation value is 7%.
(Actual inflation may vary)

# of Atom Staked

ATOM earned / Day *

PHOTON earned / Day **

* assuming inflation 7% per year
** assuming 500 PHOTON minted per hour