What We Offer



The Lunamint team helped create Sentry Node. A versatile multipoint security tool that Cosmos validators can use to prevent various attacks on the Cosmos Network

About Us

Blockchain experts and community builders fully committed to the Cosmos Hub

From Testnet to Mainnet, Lunamint has been hard at work to secure the Cosmos Hub. Beyond our highly technical knowledge, Lunamint has been spreading the value of decentralization to a tightly-knit community.


Cosmos Community Meetups

Since early 2017, the Lunamint team has been building a solid local Cosmos community in Korea. Through various high-quality meetup that focuses on fundamentals, many were introduced to the value of Cosmos.

Educational Resources

The Lunamint team believes that blockchain should surpass all language barriers. By translating core educational information (such as the Cosmos Blog, Development Updates, Etc) to Korean, more people have been able to see what Cosmos has to offer.

Cosmos Korea Forum

Big changes come when great discussions take place. We have partnered with 'Blockchain Hub', one of the largest blockchain community forums in Korea for an open platform of discussion on all things Cosmos related

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